About Sonic Rush Productions

Music is life itself. That’s what we believe. The music you‘ll find here is created with passion and intensity. We don’t copy. We create original music that comes from our hearts and souls. We channel the sonic power of the universe.

Our music is exclusive to Sonic Rush Productions and not available anywhere else. You won’t find it in 10 different libraries, under 10 different names with 10 different licensing agreements.

We are breaking down the barriers.

Contact us and we’ll help you find a unique sound to enhance your project.

The name Sonic Rush represents the excitement that music can provide. When you are completely in the moment and there is nothing except a captivating sound.

Music can express every aspect of the human condition with the vagueness of sound and the precision of an arrow.

Music is a very spiritual dialogue. Every culture has its musical dialect. The inexperienced musician expresses themselves differently than the seasoned pro. Together, they can create something wonderful if they chose to accept each others strengths and weakness’.

One note, one world, one universe.

Don’t use forgettable music, here’s why.

The music in this library can be used to enhance any type of media situation where originality is important. The music you choose says a great deal about you, your company and your production.

The bottom line is, you want yourself, your company, your product, your service, your film, etc. to be remembered. Don’t use forgettable music.

These are rebellious times. Music is/can be a tool for change/insite. Use it wisely.